A la bakery - Central, Hong Kong

Walked pass this bakery on Thursday. Thought I should try. First thing I will always try is croissant. The consistency and taste are very close to those that one can find in traditional boulangerie in France or Switzerland. Which I have been looking for sooooo looooong...

Tried also the mini green olive bread which seems like bread made from pizza dough mixed with olive. Like it. Will definitely try the one with basil & sundried tomato. :-)

Tried also their plamier (butterfly biscuits). The consistency is same as like what I missed. Happy. But the very strong butter taste...not sure about the butter...

Next target will be macaron and cakes.

If you have not tried, I recommend you to try.

Sorry, did not take any pictures... can't wait to try and ate them all within 10 mins....


London. I love you. I hate you.

My feelings towards London is always mixed.

I love him when strolling at the South Bank area, wandering in my favorite Tate Modern, starring at those surrealism pieces, peeping through the narrow window of Tate Modern to get the "real masculine look" of the bridge and St. Paul Cathedral.... Love him so much.

BUT interactions with people, systems.... their attitude, rigidity.... I hate him.

That's all.

From marketing point of view, to get London being loved, the "integrated" solutions is not just on the "surface" but the root too. "Tourism & Travel" is a mix of Product Development & Marketing Services.


HER (2013)

Because I like the game that I saw in HER 's movie trailer. Hence, on the way to KL, I saw this movie on CX725...and I wish I had an OS1.... This is what can really become true by using "big data" + data generated by continuous interaction with one individual... + tolerance of illogical "feelings". Should this be a "scary" movie instead?

It is creepy and it is like a super fast computer, processing an ocean of unstructured data, finding connections among the scattered data, learning (new data) as the same time => Analyze => Responses (Results) catering to your “needs, emotions, the environments you are in” I wish I were there…. Because of the technology I want to have and use. Because of the living space they have... alone but connected.

Human being behavior is traceable and so predictable...hence, being manipulated and influenced?

Deep thinking. Introspection.


Rice Cooker Recipes I had in London - Good for single and when you are sick...

When you are living alone and/or you are sick no one can cook for you, you want food which is easy to make, healthy, and no need to worry....if cook in a pan, it will burn, dry, trigger fire alarm... In that circumstances, a rice cooker is needed.

As a woman, monthly I will feel sick, like all other women but sometimes mine is a bit worse. Hence, during my 2-month trip in London, I needed a rice cooker for making simple rice dish which is healthy (can keep my "Chi" circulating), not oily, no MSG, no dairy product). Just dump ingredients in the rice cooker and let it cook...

Bought a simple not fancy rice cooker from Agros. Ingredients from M&S, Wholefoods, Chinese Supermarket near Piccadilly Circus.

First two easy recipes for you to try. :-)

*Recipe 1*
4-6 x chicken drumstick small size with skin from M&S (can be chicken wings or breast but with skin. If you are suffering from flu or coughing **DO NOT USE CHICKEN**. Use lean sliced pork instead)
Ginger, Soy sauce, Black Chinese mushroom from Chinese supermarket
Sugar, Rock salt from Wholefoods

How to


*Wash drumsticks and dried them with kitchen towel.
*Finely chopped ginger.
*Marinate drumsticks: Put drumsticks, finely chopped ginger, soy sauce, a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt in a zipper bag. Soy sauce must cover the drumsticks. Massage and mix all ingredients well. Leave for an hour to marinated. U can do this in the morning, put in fridge and can use for dinner!

-Black mushroom-
*Washed black mushroom quickly to get rid of the dirt. Soaked whole black mushroom in tap water until it soft normally take 20mins for medium size. Cut them into slices. Keep the mushroom water. You can also buy sliced dried mushroom in Chinese supermarket ...or use mushroom that you like... just it will not have the chinese mushroom fragrance.

*Wash/Rinse 1.5 coffee cup (1.5 dl size) of rice in the rice cooker's container and leave a bit of water (not cover) together with the rice. Add the sliced mushroom and the mushroom water in. BUT make sure rice is only about 1/4 inch covered by "these" water. Dry the bottom of the container and put back to the base. Electricity plug off.

To cook....

*Switch on the rice cooker. After putting the contain back to the base, plug on, press the "Cook" button down.
*Heat pan and brown the drumsticks and add the marinated sauce in the pan for a about two minutes. Off fire.
*When see the rice cooker steam coming out, (still can see some water boiling in the container) open the lid pour the drumsticks and marinated sauce from pan into the rice cooker's container. You can stir them in to the boiling water-rice mixture or just lay them on top evenly.
*Put the lid on and let it continue to cook. Make sure the rice cooker "Cook" button is down. Once rice is cooked, it will be switch to "Warm" (that is the cook button is up). Let the heat to continue cooking for about 5 mins.


Note: Try if rice is cook. If rice is not cooked thoroughly due to lack of water, add a bit more water in, close lid, and press the cook button down and let it continue to cook. It is always better to have less water then too much water and end up like a ... chicken mushroom porridge.

*Recipe 2*

Cherry tomato from Holland from M&S
Ginger from Chinese supermarket
Scottish salmon from M&S
Rock salt and pepper from Wholefoods

*finely chopped ginger
*Wash salmon, cut it into small pieces and season it with salt, pepper, ginger
*Wash/Rinse rice quickly and leave them in the rice cooker's container with about 1/2 inch of water cover the rice. Dry the container and put it back to the rice cooker base. Electricity plug off.

​ How to...
*Rice cooker plug on. Press cook button to start cooking.
*When water start boiling, open lid and add the cherry tomato evenly into the rice cooker's container (depending on how much rice you are cooking, for 1.5dl coffee cup of rice you may put 12-14 cherry tomato, if you like to be a bit more juice, put more. No need to chop.) Close the lid and let it cook for another 5-10 mins.
*When it close to drying up (meaning rice is almost fully cooked), open lid and put the diced seasoned salmon in evenly on top of the almost-cooked rice and tomato. Cover lid and let it cook till the cook button go to "Warm" (you will hear "tak"). Let it continue cooking for another 5 mins.


**IMPORTANT NOTE** If you are sick, especially if you are having fever/flu/coughing, DO NOT USE CHICKEN. Replace it with lean slice pork. And DO NOT USE ANY GINGER. Ginger and chicken both are food ingredients which will generate "heat" inside your body, which normally only will make your fever/flu/coughing worse base on my experience.


Maltby Street Market, Sunday. London - Probably Best Beefburger....at the moment :-)

Best beef burger, probably. It is the type of burger that you probably will not want to eat with your boyfriend or first date.... extremely finger-licking messy - WARNING!

BUT you do need to have someone to eat with you... Great to have Declan and David together at Maltby Street Market (London).

It "affects" not just your mind but your taste buds... craving for 2nd round after 2 hours. Something special is in there. BTW, the bread seems like making with sundried tomato. So the tomato favor infuse in every bite! It was EXCELLENT made.


One Kensington Restaurant, London

Staying in London for 2 months...one advantage is that I can try different restaurants, go to different weekends markets and share my experience with others.

I am not a picky person but just when comes to food, if you position as a good restaurant, I will have high (proper...) expectation of it.

When my colleague said this restaurant - One Kensington - is good. Really? was my response. Immediately, visited their website to check their menu out. Ummm.... very basic simple menu wor, nothing special.

I was proven wrong, after I spent a night there last week. I had venison as starter, crab tagliarini as main, and black forest as dessert. Did not look very special in "text" BUT the chef "reinvented" each dish to his own version. Interesting and unexpectedly good. Really enjoyed all the food I tried that night. Will definitely go again, again, again... before I leave.

Yes, Chef, you should be in HK too!! Well, probably can first organize a evening event for selected HK foodies. :-) Miss the venison....


Jamie's Italian by Jamie Oliver, Piccadilly

Went to try Jamie's Italian after work by myself, before his first restaurant to be open in HK. Ordered 2 dishes, Crispy squid and wild mushroom risotto.

The squid was very good, although I will prefer the chopped chillies to be on the side... Then, waited for more than 20 minutes. Finally, I had to leave without eating the main course, i.e. the Wild Mushroom Risotto, and went to Whole Food instead. Disappointed. :-( Not sure if I will go to either of their restaurant again in coming 6 weeks in London, despite there is one very close to our office in London....

Bad experience and very unhappy. (The server was very nice though. One positive point.)

The pricing is reasonable and not expensive at all. So if you will be in London and go try, after all we see him quite often on HK TV. You may be luckier than I am. :-)

One word of suggestion to Jamie, if all dishes will come with chilli, in HK market, that may not work. HK water is too "heaty", if eating more "heaty" food... not good for health.


Day 1 London

It is the first day after arrival on Saturday. Hectic. Trying to find my way to here and there and competing with time and sunshine... ^_^ Yes, sunshine. It was a beautiful day that will be wasted if not walking under the sun a bit more.

Went to Monument after about 10 mins walk hoping to get a monthly ticket credit to my Oyster card...Closed on Sunday!! Was told to go to Bank station, so another 10 mins walk... Open from 12pm till 1:30pm only!! F. Finally went to Liverpool Station. Did not get the monthly ticket, as there is a need to fill in personal details...So, no. Wasted so much time running around to get the weekly pass instead. Why a monthly ticket will be similar price to a month of using 7-day pass? Interesting, always find UK pricing strategy of these public transportation monthly tickets is a joke.

On the way back from Bond street to the apartment, another joke. Don't take the information shown on the Tube map seriously - Central line connecting with Circle and District line at Bank station is another F. joke. Walking up and down is much much further away than going out of Bank station and then walking to Monument above the ground with fresh air!! I can see the tourists just follow the sign and did not realize that they were being fooled.... somehow. Grumpy day despite the lovely sunshine. Love & Hate to my ex - London! 2 months here!! God. @_x


Berlin. Introspection.

Berlin. Been here 3 times already. None of these trips that I have really went for a stroll relaxingly. This time, 80% weather was good. But walked too much at the fairground, so "rest,rest,rest" is more important.

I would like to share some tips...if you are to arrive in Berlin on Sunday. To find supermarket, food, the simplest way is to go to HauptBahnhof. There are two big supermarkets there and all shops are open. IT IS A VERY BIG STATION!

I am a person who needs to have internet connection all the time. However, unfortunately, the apartment that I like to book does not have very good internet connection. I will need to rely on 3G data.

Last year, I was glad to find Congstar startpack in one of the dm shops. Yesterday, I found them also at the dm shop at Ku'damm! They are using Deutsche Telekom (i.e. T-mobile) network. BUT very sad, at the apartment I rent, there is no 3G connectivity but only Edge for Deu. Telekom, so I cannot work....searching... O2, e-Plus, Vodafone has 3G signal! Only Deu. Telekom does not have... :-( In dm store, they also have one from blau.de (e-Plus network).. Tried a startpack yesterday at Euro8.45 only.... Waited for about 6 hours before the SIM was activated successfully. Happy! And they have EU weekly package, which is also another good stuff. (Airport Express shuttle)


Melpo's Music

Whenever I listen my music, I feel regretted that I did not go to the audition for an 1/2-hour live broadcast when I just graduated from secondary school.

I missed a few opportunities when I was stupid and naive. A piece of potato bread, really. Everybody probably wanted to "eat" with butter & jam. ;-p

Perhaps, may be suddenly, I will receive call again.

While waiting, sharing some of the songs that are always "around" in my mobile, tablet, laptop.... They are more important than food to me. Glad that I found this website...when I was attending a full day class...(you know, something to keep myself awake).

Sharing my first playlist here.

That's Melpo music. by Melpo on Grooveshark


Travel to London? So far. Vodafone PAYG FreeBee is best!

It was a very painful research for a SIM card with data, voice and text AND allow tethering. Turned out, I bought 3 eat-all-you-can (at GBP15, valid for 30 days with unlimited data...) and Vodafone FreeBee (topped up of GBP20 to get 1G data to be used within 30days, 500 min voice, unlimited text). Tried to get it tethering during presentation around 3-5pm UK time near Victoria station. Results, 3 - cannot get connected and cannot use; Vodafone FreeBee - super speed connection.

Just information want to share this information for those who has been researching very hard before they travel to London.

Additional information after using it for a few days. Got problem that the top up for GBP20 package seemed not register successfully on Sunday (here for more info). Went to store...useless. Called "191" customer service and they fixed it straight away so I can continue with my presentation on my laptop. Happy.


3rd time at Agora Place Asakusa

Third time staying at Agora Place Asakusa and tried the alternative way to this hotel using Keisei Skyliner from NRT to Ueno station. I had heavy luggage - one checked-in (23kg), one cabin with heavy laptop, and a small handbag - but managed to get through to the train and then taxi at Ueno station. Happy. The whole journey took about 60mins. Train + taxi. Bought a Keisei skyliner return ticket + 2 days metro pass = JPY4,880 + Taxi around JPY900 from Ueno train station to hotel.

Glad I tried this. Whoever will book this hotel in Asakusa, this may be the best route, if you have luggage like mine and you are a female with on one who can assist you..... next time to Tokyo, I may stay somewhere else to experience and explore, depending on when will that be. :-))


Why Chengdu, staying at Dorsett Grand

Have been to Chengdu for a few times, due to work. Staying at Dorsett Grand Chengdu is 'mandatory'. However, I am glad that is mandatory, after been to a few so-called five stars hotels and eating there... sorry, I prefer to stay and eat safe at Dorsett Grand Chengdu.

The hotel is new and most importantly to me is it's location. Close to underground, can walk from hotel to the famous shopping street to look for my Japanese pork chops place. A restaurant run by Japanese, very good food! Also walking distance to Wide and Narrow allies. If the weather is not hot or raining, the walk is very pleasant.

Chengdu has been growing so fast, it may soon taking over Shanghai in terms of foreign investments. If you have not been in Chengdu before, suggest you to go there and experience this city yourself. I still see a lot of construction sites CO-development by big names, Swire, Jardine,Chinese Estates Holdings, etc..And if you have more days to spend, you can take a trip or two to nearby beautiful mountain areas.

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Asakusa, Tokyo - Japan: Cherry Blossom, Temples. Happy :-)

I haven't been to Japan for more than 15 years! This last trip on my round the world meetings journey was great (although I was not feeling well and cannot eat as much I would love to).

Trip from Narita Airport to Agora Place Asakusa was pleasing via Limousine Airport Bus, luggage handlers can speak English and they assist you upload and download the luggage. Love it. Then, after leaving the bus at Tokyo City Air Terminal, right on the opposite side across 2 automatic doors, Taxi stand for taxi to the hotel.

The hotel is clean, white, lime, warm, very comfy and fresh. It is a budget hotel and you can rent or purchase amenities (plus other things you need, e.g. hair dryer, extra cushions, etc.) at lobby. On the corner, there is a iMac. No problem, if you forget your laptop. A great convenient accommodation concept to me. Like it a lot. PLUS they have laundry room for guests with washing machine and dryer operated by coins.

For ATM, inside the 7-Eleven (just a few mins walk from hotel), I can withdraw money from my HK account, a metro station is only a few minutes walk, and a supermarket is within 5 mins walk as well. So convenient, what else you can ask for for a picky traveller like me who does not like too much human contact, greetings, etc. from those 5-star + hotels, which sometimes are quite fake, to be honest.

My first exploration stated on Friday, taking metro to an office for meeting in Akasaka, hence, lunch around that area. Was taken to a super great ramen shop: 赤坂麺処 友 I haven't eaten such good ramen for so long, since my favorite ramen shop run by a Japanese in HK was closed. It raised my expectation for ramen next time.

After meeting, I was taken to Cherry Blossom places. Stunning. I felt so lucky, they were open earlier this year, so I was in time to see them bloom bloom bloom. A good start of the Year of Snake, 2013? :-)

I did not have much time to explore the city. Next time, I will be able to share more, when I go there again for leisure.

So, just a few images to share. Haneda airport is about 50mins by taxi to Agora Place Asakusa http://www.agoraplace-asakusa.com and it costs about JPY8,000-9,000 without traffic. So it is worth it if you have luggages and if share with 2-3 others.

Nowadays, when I travel, I will spend more on transportation from airport to hotel and save on accommodation instead, as there are more and better choices now than before. Enjoy.


Holiday - Lugano & Milan

When I was preparing for this trip, not long, only 10 days-nine nights. I was not able to make up my mind of going or not to London and was a bit sad that I finally decided not to go London but spent a few nights in Milan instead.

Result: Unexpected. I did not regret.

When the plane landed MXP, I started worrying how to get to Lugano...turned out, it was very easy and convenient. It was only about 1.5 hours away from MXP by the comfy bus and they assisted to load your luggage to the bus too. Loved it. :-)

Then spent CHF18 for a 3-4 mins Taxi ride from the Lugano FFS to the apartment hotel I booked. It was actually only 10 mins walk from the Lugano FFS but spending CHF18, I did not need to waste time wondering where and how...

I was happy to see that the apartment (Maraini Resort) was so big and for myself for 6 nights with a fully equipped kitchen and dish washer!! It also has an indoor swimming pool at the ground floor. Wish I could swim.

Did not waste a second. I went straight out and looked for markets, supermarkets, shops, buses, preparing tickets for the other trips to Zurich and Milan,..etc.etc..

Spent a night at my friends place and had great dinner with them. I always like their sweet & sour tofu, very delicious and innovative, and the seasonal dish - braise duck with brussel sprouts. They tasted so good that I wish I had 2 stomachs! (China Restaurant ZEN, Adilswil, Zurich)

On Sunday, went to Foxtown for a walk. A lot of people! And met a good looking Russian lady from Siberia, we found our way from the train station to there. But actually the bus stop was just opposite to the train station. Hey, it was so hidden, who will know where it is! Anyway, we had a good walk and chat under a sunny day which was enjoyable and good.

A trip to Germany Singen & Konstanz was always so great with friends, although it always a shopping & eating trip. It was also full of people!

Then, spending a hectic day to find Swiss Custom to stamp my tax refund forms so I can get tax back before going to Milan. Glad to find them at Chiasso.

Then, went to Milan! Tutto Solo!

Felt a bit scare but pretending not and walk like locals straight from Milan Centrale to hotel. Yeah!

The stay at Crown Plaza Milan City was great, although the room is 50% of the size of the apartment in Lugano, it is right at the exit of M3 - Sondrio and tram/bus of 90,91,92, which its bus stop is just opposite to the MXP airport bus area. If follow straight this bus/tram line, you will find the shopping street Bueno Aries (like Nathan Road in HK! ;-p)

There were not too many bakery, so I headed to Duomo for food, actutally, pastries & bread...

On Sunday, last day in Milan, went to a market only open in the morning till 12pm, and I bought old HK coins dated back 1863! This market is near the main post office just a 2-3 mins walk from Duomo at M1 - Cordusio stop. The buildings and surroundings are stunning. Must more attractive than the shopping area around Duomo! After spending an hour or two on my plate of Ossobuco with Milanese Risotto, I went to another place which I have never been before, even I went to Milan for more than 5 times. That's Castello Sforzesco. I love it love it. I LOVE ANCIENT ROMAN & GREEK STYLE ARCHITECTURE! THE PILLARS, THE FRESCO, THE DOME, ROMAN SCULPTURE...Errrrr

I made a correct decision to stay a few nights in Milan alone, so I can explore the city, not shopping.

Next time, I will stay in Lugano and have a real relaxing 2 weeks holiday!


My mushroom risotto. Best consistency I have ever head so far....because I made it. :-)
My second attempt was disaster, as I was lazy not pouring soup ladle by ladle. So don't be lazy, if you want to make wonderful risotto yourself!


Alternative Solutions to Sharing iWorks Files

Spent a day to look for different solutions. Now quite happy with the solutions found.

Keynotes on iPad is one of the best apps which I always use, apart from Flipbroad. I spent money on the app and then money on the connector to projector....so of course now, need to think about how I can share the file easier without using email but something like Dropbox.

Unfortunately, when you try to share the presentation though sharing function on Keynote, you cannot share through Dropbox but WebDAV and Dropbox does not have WebDAV yet. Hence, searching searching.....

Below may be probably the best solutions:
*Sign up an account smestorage.com
*Pay USD5 to install iSMEStorage app on your iPad
*Setup the mapping to Dropbox
*Send a screenshot of iSMEstorage installed on your iPad with your smestorage account login name to support and request for activation of the WebDAV service

That's it. Like it so far. :-)


Natural Pain Killer

Not sure if this is good or bad. I can't stop myself from digging for natural pain killer instead of keep taking Ponstan or Panadol every month.

After much Googling in the past 2 days, I learnt about Cyclooxygenase (COX). Inhibiting COX can provide relief from pain and inflammation. Cooked Maitake (Grifola frondosa) may inhibit both COX 1 and COX 2. And flavonoid found in a variety of fruits and vegi (apple, apricots, blueberries, pears, raspberries, strawberries, cabbage, onion, parsley, tomato, citrus fruit, tea, cacao) can inhibit COX2.

Now, I have a bag of great mushroom, going to make it in rice, risotto, etc. etc..Make it as pesto is better so can be kept in a bottle and eat when require.

Will buy fresh one more from Japan now regularly.


Flashing my Vodafone 845 to Gingerbread

It was a daunting task, which I always tried to avoid. BUT because of the error that can't be fixed without flashing either to a new Android ROM or to factory ROM. Of course, I selected to flash it to a higher version of Android and the result was great and everything seems responding faster then before when it was installed with Eclair.
Tried to flash to IceCream Sandwich, but the ROM and everything seemed not working very smoothly with this low end phone
So, Gingerbread - Healthy and tasty ;-)

Below were what I did, after 2-day-overnight testing & trial....sorry, sister, don't have time to try and find out how to bridge the digital TV to other wi-fi devices....

It was difficult for me as the error also causing, nothing can be downloaded & installed on the phone, so I can't download anything that can help. One particular tool is - ROM Manager. I will suggest you to install it now and back it up when you still can now for just in case.

Steps by steps FYI:

1. Rooted your device (non manual process is to use z4root, but it is no longer available in Android Market, otherwise, follow the manual steps which you can easily found the information via Google)
2. Installed ROM Manager
3. Download cyanogenmod ROM cm-7.2.0-RC0-U8120-KANG-signed-update16a.zip, latest update is 16a, you can find it in xda-developer website.
4. Download G-apps, also can be found in xda-developer
5. Last file to download is recovery clockwork 5.0.26 zip file and then rename it into update.zip

Mis en place completed. Now 'making & baking it'.
The make & bake process:

1. copy all the zip files onto SD Card root.
2. Switch on the phone by pressing Call+Volume Up+Power buttons. ROM Manager menu will come up. Select the option to make a 'fake' recovery action to recover from the update.zip file. Complete, Reboot, then turn off the phone.
3. Switch on the phone by pressing Call+Volume Up+Power buttons. ROM Manager menu will come up. Select Install zip from SDCard and select the cm-7.2.0*.zip (Ginger bread Vodafone 845 ROM. Complete, Reboot to system (may take about 15-30mins, make sure your phone has the power to wait.)
5. Switch on the phone by pressing Call+Volume Up+Power buttons,again. ROM Manager menu will come up. Select 'Install zip file from SDCard, select the gapps*.zip file, so essential Google apps can be installed too.


After the installation, last time to boot to ROM Manager menu to wipe all data with factory reset to basically clear up all the stored data in the phone that will create issue on accessing Android market and install any apps to the phone.

It was not too difficult but just confusing (sometime and different people may encounter different bugs/error during the process...), thanks to the ROM Manager. So if you are interested to flash your older Android phone to Gingerbread, enjoy! :-)


My trip to Seoul - Enjoy being lost.

Upon arrival, I was lost already. Ummm...where was the bus station to hotel...online it reads first bus from airport is around 5am...so most of us waited till the service desk open around 6am, so we asked "Where is the bus stop?"

The 'luxury' of taking this bus was that bus driver will assist you to load and unload your luggage. Korean men are usually very helpful (probably older generation?), they will assist any female with their luggage. Thumbs up.

Lost again after getting off the bus...where is the apartment...ummm...looking left right front and back....all Korean, no Chinese, no English. Guess-Walk-Go. Fortunately, found it in 5 mins. with my luggage. The weather was nice but very cold, down jacket with cashmere was not enough. Now I understand what there are so many shops selling fur.

Went straight out trying to get ticket - T-Money...Got it at 7-11. Funny, someone asked me where to get ticket at the MRT...do I look so much like Korean..? The area I was staying - Daelim seems like a residential area and close to factories area via Line 7. Every night after 10pm, MRT was packed. And there is a 24hr Korean restaurant near the apartment, so felt quite safe walking back to hotel every night after 11pm. Headed to Dongdaemun. Lost again. Couldn't find the MRT. Whatever. Really looking forward to going to Seoul and will spend morning at Dongdaemun to experience how Korean spend overnight in this area.

Learnt how to make kimchi. Very interesting, but preparation may take longer than really making it. To prepare the huge chinese cabbage, it needed to be prepared one day ahead and with heavy object on top of it to try get rid of the water inside it and one needs to turn the kimchi every 4 hours...Happy that Ryoko can join me for fresh seafood lunch and then Korean BBQ dinner. So great.

Trying to walk from MRT to Hermes through short cut....ummm...lost again, no map, nothing. Fortunately, met a guy who took me there and he can speak fluent English, because he studied in UK and US before. Nice.

Next time, really should have a good Seoul map. A map that should have korean & chinese street name, english pronunciation, bus stops.


We are on Swiss Newspaper!

Someone took a picture of us and used it in the Jun 2011 Gastro Journal. I remembered this stall. The lady was very nice and they made very great Gruyere.


New York 2011 - On 'half' shoe string :-)

Arrived in NYC on 6Aug late. Ran out of the hotel - Courtyard Marriott Times Square South. The location of hotel is great. Turn left is Broadway & Garment District. Turn right and walk about one block is 5th Ave and NY Public Library. Found 'Korea area' at 32th street. Very busy, 'ha li ah sei yuo' 'com sa ha me da'. Thought I was in Seoul. Have to go try one of the restaurant for Bulgogi.

Sunday, I went to Woodbury Common Outlet. Ha. Bought a Rimowa 29" Salsa Air and a small bag from Bottega Veneta. If tax could be refunded, these would be a very good value (including the Tod's bag bought in Washington DC).

Monday, bought a 7-day unlimited metro ticket. Went to Apple store and bought an iPad 2 (then realized it is available again in HK :-(() and looking for seeds for sprouting...then Customer Service suggested me to go to a shop that re-open on 8Aug! Can't find it anywhere in the shop and anywhere in NYC. Sad. Rushed to Grand Central during rush hour! I felt like 'Salmon' swimming up from basement to exit against the 'human current'.
Tuesday, weather was so nice, not hot. So went to Central Park. Tried looking for bikeandroll but instead found T.J. Maxx and Times Warner Center and WHOLEFOODS Supermarket!! Yeah. Very happy. Healthy and organic food are all available with a small area for people sitting down and eat their hot, cold food etc. etc.. I LIKE THIS PLACE!Spent half day in Central Park, so comfy. I did not rent a bike at the end, as spots are not accessible by bike but have to be on foot. So 3 hours walking, finished half of the Central Park. Exit at MET. No more strength to continue.

Wednesday, went Upper East wanted to finish the next half of Central Park from 106th street. Felt scary. So took bus to Guggenheim. Really like this museum. Saw Lee Ufan exhibition...thinking...I can be an 'artist' too when I retired and start working on the art pieces.

Then, to Chelsea market. Getting nicer but still lack some 'charm', don't know how to say it. But funny how, I saw DVF office/warehouse. Some sort of karma between me and DVF. Wish I were taking a week course on fashion design with her. ;-p On the way to the bus stop (yes, I don't take underground. It's smelly, dark, and hot and stuffy. NO. NO. Taking underground without knowing the city well is like 'loosing your eyes on the city' and no way you know where is where and how to get there on the ground surface!)

Thursday, weather is great. Very blue sky, windy and cool! Love this weather. Took a bus trip from 40th Street to Battery Park, passing through Greenwich Village, Soho, Noho, Financial District. Then, back via M15 at 1st Ave passing through East Village, Murray Hill. Definitely, East side is better than West side, may be I am getting 'mature'. So East side may suit me more. But of course, you will have to be a bit patience, when e.g. buying stuff, getting on and off buses. Elderly has the privilege, so be a good person. :-)) Went to MET, nothing is very interesting, so when to their big store. WOW, it is like going into MET. Saw Alexandar McQueen catalog (missed the last exhibit at 7th Aug) too big and heavy. Have to let go but bought an interesting book showing you how to turn a piece of cloth into 3D dresses or shirt or clothes. Only 1 more day then my colleague from Singapore will be joining me for last full day in New York going to Lower Manhattan before leaving on Sunday back to HK.

I will miss this trip.

P.S. On 'half' shoe string: Staying in downtown hotel in safe and good area and spend less on food and do more walking. On purpose - a good diet trip. ;-p


Singapore - Durian Malay Breed

I have to declared that all those durian I ate cannot be categorized as authentic Mao Shan.

Today I walked from Studio M, crossed the colorful bridge, along Havelock Road. Arrived at En Tong Sen Road, turn right (opposite to Chinatown Point). Walked pass 2 chinese medicine stores. Found an old man hawker store opposite to the chinese medicine store, with quite a good numbers of small durians....Here I bought 2. One is Mao Shan (red meat) and one is XO (white meat). WOW. Heaven. Eating Mao Shan was like eating very rich texture custard sweet with the nice smell of durian. And XO was a bit bitter but it is bitter sweet!

If you are new to durian and really want to try. Go to this old man store and buy a Mao Shan, you will not regret it and you will not (very hard) to find something similar.

It may also because this is in season so it was so GOOOOOOOD. :-)


Chocolate Cake - No Flour

Ok. Need to write it down before I forget. Not programming script but SCRIPT for a no flour cake. :-)

Hardware - oven, good whisk, good whisking bowl
Software - 3 whole egg with sugar beaten over simmering water until think, melted chocolate with rum (I added almond powder instead), beaten full fat cream, fold in the melted chocolate into the egg mixture, then fold in the beaten full fat cream.
Process - pour the final mixture into a bowl bake in oven for an hour on baine marie style

Run it with any other decoration you want.

Shouldn't have any BUGs. ;-p


Wild Target (2010)

A very 'classic' British movie. Love it. Recommend to see. ;-)


My Android - is golden!

OMG. Bought a low price Android as needed a true webkit based browser for demo and testing. Ended up. Got my iPhone now which is perfect for next week to use. But I am already addicted to the Android phone. So iPhone will be in the drawer and use when it is needed.

Spent 2 overnights to get my Android setup with SIP phone so I can receive and call my brother in U.S. via my Google Voice NYC number. And then my curiosity killed me again that was to dig for access to root and have the little, light Android phone rooted. Then turned it into wifi hotspot-able device, when it is needed because it is on Android 2.1 (2.2+ version will have the ability to change it into a handy, useful, wifi router in case... you are in a meeting room no internet with colleagues and clients but only your phone can connect to internet via 3G and you need to do a demo of your app...).

I am a happy sunflower now with a big smiley face to welcome 2011 :-)).

For anyone who is interested, below are recommended apps to use/install on your Android (warning: some of them requires good technical knowledge to use somehow, so don't complain if you want to use it. Google it and learn it and write it down.)
1. Appinstaller (allow you to install apk files stored on your SD card. i.e. apps that can't find in Android Market any more..)
2. Google Voice Application
3. Sipdroid
4. GVoice Callback
5. Lookout
6. QR Droid
7. Quick System Info Pro
8. TweetDeck
9. FX Camera
10. appRemover
11. Color Flashlight
12. Realcalc
13. FXcurrency
14. World Clock
15. z4root
16. Android Terminal Emulator*root
17. Barnacle*root
18. Titanium Backup*root.....

Waiting for a calendar with Chinese calendar and worldwide holidays, then that will be perfect. :-)

Have fun with Android! My next attempt will be.....pretending as an lovely quiet dumb lady like person and go to bed early, exercise, shopping, high-tea, and facial.... ;-p


Amsterdam-Berlin 2010

This year.

I will be going to Amsterdam and Berlin with mom, after my grand mom died about a month ago. Thinking it will be good to take her out of Hong Kong for a walk in Europe, when she still can travel far.

Hence, I need to select good nice apartment with fully equipped kitchen and washing machine, which is also needed to be close to grocery, supermarket, and almost everything. A bit nervous and tense at the moment, as I have never been to Berlin. Not sure which is good area and which is not. And will be spending over two weeks in Berlin to explore, study German, and relax at the same time. So have to be very cautious.

Berlin! Berlin! Hope the weather will be sunny and cold, so we can hire a bike to cycle a bit too. :-)

More to share in mid November, when everything is confirmed. :-)


Cake - no flour :-)

- grounded nuts - 6 organges 1 lemon, cooked - 250g sugar - some cinnamon powder - some baking powder - blend cooked organges and lemon - add in the grounded nuts into the blender with the halfly blended organges and lemon - add the rest of the ingredient into blender - add 6 eggs - blend blend - pour into cake mould - into oven 170 degree cel 45 min. middle shelf