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SSL setup in WHM to get A+ in ssllabs

Guess it will be helpful for others.

Setup SSL for a domain and when ran a test at, received quite a few comments about in secure and RC4 was on and it was risky. So spent some time to find solutions. Below were what I did and may be helpful to you.

I am using servint Essential VPS. Register one using my referral link.

Go to WHM - Apache Configuration - Global Configurations
Under SSL Cipher Suite, enter this HIGH:!aNULL:!kRSA:!MD5:!RC4
Under SSL/TLS Protocols, enter this -all +TLSv1 +TLSv1.1 +TLSv1.2

Save and rebuild.

Last, go to the domain that has SSL installed. Add this line to .htacess
Header set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=15552001; includeSubdomains;"

Save and should be in effective immediately.

Add also a few lines to force domain to use SSL in .htacess, e.g.
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/[0-9]+\..+\.cpaneldcv$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/\.well-known/pki-validation/[A-F0-9]{32}\.txt(?:\ Comodo\ DCV)?$
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HO…
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Change LG G5 to MTP mode

Thought it may be helpful to some of us using LG phone. I am using LG G5, still using it because it allows dual SIM and both slots is 4G, so switching the SIM is easy. (except my experience with AT&T in USA, it did not allow the phone to run one card from AT&T and one from T-Mobile. This could be the issue of telecom service provider, as in HK, no problem running different SIMs and telecom service providers)

Back to subject. I tried to connect my macbook with LG G5 using Android File Transfer installed in my macbook. First plug in, error saying not in MTP switch on the MTP mode on the LG:
1. Go to About Phone
2. Find Software Info and click on this 5 times (it showed me message of how many tap left to go into Developer menu.
3. Once complete step 2 above, go back up 1 level, you will see the Developer options above "About Phone", go in and say OK to get into menu list.
4. Look for Networking section the "Select USB Configuration", click and select MTP …

Prepaid SIM - USA

Supposedly, I can just use the 3UK Internet with Legs. However, as it does not allow tethering. Hence, with my other phone, for convenient sake and as backup data, I selected to try AT&T again this time. As they now have a prepaid packet which you can find in Walgreens, BestBuy, etc..

Its message on the pack is very attractive - Unlimited data...BUT actually, only if you pay for $65 per month (no autopay, if you keep the number and select autopay, first month will be $60, to my understanding, as not clearly stated anywhere.

Reason I wanted to share here because I felt the whole packet and process is deceiving. I ended up totally spent about $14 (with tax)+$35 for 1G data+unlimited text and talk to be used within 1 month. If you will be in US only for a month or less, make sure you select "No" to the question asking if you want autopay. Despite I check "NO" to autopay, I still received the message reminding next monthly bill charge will be on XX/MM/YYYY. And the…

Smart TV Experience with Google Play Movies & TV

Always wanted to try using Smart TV. Finally, this time, I had the chance to experience it. 
It was not an easy journey. I have to admit. So want to share my User Experience (UX) with you all. 
Because it involved 2 different branded Smart TV from different manufacture date, hence, pre-loaded apps were different. Apps? Yes. You will need those app to view movies etc. bought through Google Movies & TV. 
To start:
A. On your tablet or android Google Play, top left menu - Movies section, search for movies you want to rent or buy. You can pay by using credit card or use your redeemed $$ from gift cards. I bought $25 gift card and rent a movie. 
DO REMEMBER which Google Account you use to rent for the movie. 
For renting, you will need to watch your rented movie within 30 days from the date you confirmed to rent it. And you will be required to "activate" the rental by saying Yes to watch now. Once you activate, you have 48 hours to watch it, unlimited times.
B. Once you purc…

3 UK - Internet with Legs - Travel to USA, Which mobile data service/SIM

Planned a trip to USA. It is always very difficult to get "connected" when travelling to USA.

This time. I found 3 UK packet of "Internet with Legs". Checked online which ISP they will use when in USA - AT&T and T-Mobile! Thinking, ok. No harm to try. Not sure if it is true, will update later after my trip to USA.

This packet come with 1Gigabyte mobile data 3G & 4G that can be used internationally! It comes with one UK mobile number, which I think you may use for SMS and call if you go to Europe and top-up with the right plan.... not sure.

Anyway, I just hope it will work in USA.

How I activate it... on the instruction. It seems very easy and also if you search online, it also looks very simple. HOWEVER, from my experience. No.

I am in HK and will need to activate it in HK, which I have internet access at office.

The step:

*Follow the easy instruction (put in the SIM), wait a bit until you see the signal found and keep your mobile on, as you will need it fo…

Wordpress - Remove "Leave a comment" under Theme Unite

Just having a hard time trying to remove the link of "Leave a comment" (not using CSS code to hide, as for those who have experience will know how to get in as well, so it needed to be done from the php). So just sharing here. Hope it will help you a bit.

What I did:
*First make sure Comments are not allowed. Under Settings-Discussion
*Make sure all Pages no comments allowed too. Under Pages - select all pages ; go to Bulk Actions (select Edit) - Apply; Change the Comments to "Do not allow". To check if all ok, go to Pages list - mouse over selected page - select "Quick Edit" - take a look at the field "Allow Comment" if it is checked.
*Last. Login to your web server. Find the content.php under wp_content-theme-unite. Make a copy of the content.php as backup. Edit it. Remove this:

Reload and the "Leave a comment" link should disappear.

London is big. If you have time, you should consider to stay for at least a week or two. There are so many things you can do and experience in London. So what to do in a week? Recommendation is base on staying at 1 hotel in Shepherds Bush.

Reason selecting Shepherds Bush: This is not a trendy place yet BUT hotels in Shepherds Bush are mostly very well located close to either Central (Red) line or Circle (Yellow) or Hammersimth (Pink) line AND it is close to LHR. I always book a car for the airport pickup from for both airport pickup and back to airport when leaving.

After arriving a hotel in Shepherds bush, head to Central line tube station, where you can buy an Oyster card for your week of stay in London. Don't go to the Gold Hawk or Shepherds Bush tube station, as you will not be able to buy a new Oyster card there. Their Ticketing office opening hours are unpredictable....

After that, you can have a leisure walk at the Westfield big shoppi…